How To Solve The Foreclosure Crisis

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Unemployment, it is all too common of a label in this day and age for the American society. In Joshua Cooper Ramo’s article, “Unemployment Nation,” he clearly states: “the government can’t hire everyone” and that there is a decrease in jobs nationally. Ramo’s article was published in the Spetember 21, 2009 TIME magazine and includes many personal tragedies that happened to real Americans who have lost their jobs and are unsuccessful in finding another employer. Many hardships are about to sweep over the United States with an increase in percentage of Americans who are jobless, but with unemployment on the rise, where or how can America create more stable jobs?

“But if we’re in a post hysteresis world, then just adding gas to the economy won’t be enough, and making cheap low-end jobs won’t deliver a workforce capable of sustaining competitive growth” (para 15). America cannot add jobs that will not provide any benefits in the future because then the same situation will arise down the road. No progress will be visible if in ten years the economy is in a worse state than it is now. Americans need to be able to compete with other countries or else fear being left behind while the other nations are coming out with innovative ideas and career development. For example, in Roshonda Crenshaw’s interview: “It used to be I could float from job to job, but after a year without one, I plan to switch to something ‘recession-proof’: nursing” (Ramo). Crenshaw has the right idea because in Ramo’s article, “the jobless rate is 9.7% nationally but lower in the South. Car-centric Detroit lags, but so does Charlotte, North Carolina, a banking town” (graph on page 31). Medical field stu...

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...g them a chance for renewal. This renewal will allow them to correct the path they are choosing for their life and the lives of their family members. Sometimes foreclosures are the case because of how uneducated the citizen was on the problem and they did not know where to turn nor had nowhere to turn for guidance. If the citizen does not willingly take the suggested course, I feel the government’s action should be to take everything away. I’m a firm believer in second chances, but in order to get the second chance, the citizen must be willing to put forth an effort. If the agreement is broken then consequences will follow. I will leave with a quote I hear quite frequently from one of my high school teachers, “You can’t get something for nothing.”


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