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Sports in the United States are not only looked at as entertainment, but a way of life. Baseball once looked at as Americas pass time has taken a back seat. College football changed American culture by opening doors for masculinity, feminism, race diversity and the, disconnect between athletes and the general population. Building on turn-of-the-century passions for the game among college alumni, no American sport better capitalized on the opportunities provided by new electronic media than football, in both its professional and collegiate forms. The annual Super Bowl has become late-twentieth-century America's single-greatest televised sporting event—indeed, its single-greatest television event, period, with workplace water-cooler talk the following Monday as likely to concern the new advertisements debuted in 30-second, one-million-dollar advertising slots as on the game itself. Like the Thanksgiving Day college games in New York during the 1890s, football today is as much a spectacle as a sporting event. Football is not just a televised marketing and entertainment vehicle, however. While it trails other sports as a recreational activity for youths and adults, football is the cornerstone of extracurricular life at high schools nationwide as well as college. In some areas, local "football fever" is so prominent that entire communities' identities seem to be wrapped up in the local football teams—places like Stark County, Ohio, where the legendary Massillon High School Tigers draw more than 100,000 spectators per year, or Midland-Odessa, Texas, where the annual Permian-Lee rivalry draws more than 20,000 partisans. Football's popularity helps make the sport a symbolic battlefield in American "culture wars." For it... ... middle of paper ... ... the difference in race but allows them to learn how to play with each other on the field for the same team. Many college players thrive to be the next icon or next millionaire thus ending racial disparity in sports. College athletics has also closed the racial gap as coaching is concerned. Texas known for its particular ways now has its first black coach in Charlie Strong as well as helping to push the NFL to hire minority coaches. Pittsburg known for its blue-collar mentality hired its first black head coach in Mike Tomlin who has guided the team to one Superbowl victory and 4 yds. Short of another, Performance is what’s looked at in our society today showing the tolerance that has been created through one sport. Once racial barriers are knocked down the general public then looks at masculinity and creates a standard for all men.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that sports in the united states are not only an entertainment, but a way of life. baseball once looked at as americas pass time has taken an back seat. college football changed american culture by opening doors for masculinity, feminism, race diversity and the disconnect between athletes and general population.
  • Argues that football is a symbolic battlefield in american "culture wars." it is the ideal proving ground for young men to test and develop their manhood and shows their masculinity.
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