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Sports have been played all around the world for hundreds of thousands of years. Its help shaped the way we live as human beings. Everything reveals around sports these days. Take baseball for example, it’s has grown to be known as Americas past time. Mainly because it has help shaped America. How? Why? You may ask yourself. Baseball has been a sport that has been around for a long time all the way it roots date back to the late 1800. However it didn’t really get popular until the 1860. During this time America was going throw some difficulty’s because of World War 2 with Germany becoming an ultimate power house and African Americans not having equal rights. People turned to sports to put their minds to ease however African Americans wanted to be equal as well but people weren’t not giving them the respect they wanted to revise. The English version cricket is played in a large open circular field and has two sides of eleven players that attempt to put out a batsman who tries to prevent a ball thrown by a bowler from knocking over bails placed on wickets or three upright sticks. If the batsman makes contact with the ball, he runs to the opposite side of the pitch and continues running back and forth until the ball is retrieved by the opposing team. Baseball is the played similarly other than the fact there is no sick’s and there is a bat involved. There is no one person who set up the rules of baseball) however the first ever rules to be implemented were in Alexander Cartwright, of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club, and published on September 20, 1845. From there it help changed the face of America. More and more different leagues and teams were being set up because the rules of the game were finally established. Because people wer... ... middle of paper ... ...sed by segregation, and the logistics of travel worked together to thwart the establishment of any solid baseball circuit”{( never the less African American still fought to have their own league. in the 1920s it was finally done a league was organized by a guy named Andrew “Rube” foster. foster was black man who was a former pitcher, manager and even owner of the Chicago American giants.( Foster who held a meeting for a few other Midwestern teams and he explained why he needed there help and how beneficial this could be to the other owners. The owners agreed to join to form the Negro National League. Soon, rival leagues formed in Eastern and Southern states. The Leagues maintained a high level of professional skill and became centerpieces for economic development in many black communities.

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