Food Essay: The Civilised Truth About Junk Food

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The civilised truth about junk food When I think about it no one talks an awful lot about the dangers of junk food consumption and just how dangerous it is for us. I think it’s time to take stand loud and clear. And really get to grips with what we are trying to achieve with these quick energy releasing meals that are thought to be 100 percent natural looking have we ever thought about a burger or do we just look at the soft golden brioche roll and the tender chicken inside carefully placed in the bottom section. On top goes a crisp piece of green lettuce topped with a creamy riche sauce. Have we ever thought about looking at whether the chicken is being processed in the same way as the burger is brought to us or is the chicken genetically modified? Have we wondered how the lettuce gains such a glossy green finish is it natural or has it been sprayed with gazillion amounts of chemicals to gain that true green colour. Lastly have we ever thought of the after effect of eating these types of they even contain…show more content…
While there are valid reason why people eat junk food just thinking of it numbs my mind because of how grand junk food taste. I know each of us has a soft tooth and struggles to not have a slice of cake or nib at a biscuit. We need to win the fight with junk food and not let it take over us as individual we need to keep our wellbeing under consideration and scrap junk food turn away from it am inviting the nation to take a step back with me today right now at this very moment and consider the options we have to change our future our life’s and our loved ones life. Not today no in a years’ time but today with me we need to combat junk food forever once and for

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