Folk Dance Music of Bulgaria

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Folk dance Music of Bulgaria Bulgaria is a relatively small country but it contains a wide diversity of folk dance styles. I believe this is the main reason why Bulgarian dances are so popular among international folk dancers. Bulgaria is located in south-eastern Europe and surrounded by Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. First, we will have a brief introduction of Bulgaria and its folklore regions, then will introduce some folk instruments and describe each folklore region one by one. Bulgaria has a population of 7.4 million people and occupied around 42,800 square meter. Back to 1218, it was one of the largest country in Europe under Ivan Asen II which named the second Bulgarian Empire. However, the decline of the Empire result in the loss of independent of Bulgaria and became a state of the Ottoman Empire. By the help of the Soviet Union, it became independent again at 1908. Until 1989, it gave up communism and applied parliamentary democracy. Bulgaria folk music is a significant part of Bulgarian culture. There are six folklore regions – Dobrudja, Thrace, Pirin, Sofia Region- Shopluk, the Rhodopes and North Bulgaria- Moesia. Folk Music Folk music is used to celebrate holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Day, midsummer m, and the Feast of St. Lazarus. It is also a part of personal celebrations such as wedding. Songs sung by women at work parties such as sedenka, betrothal ceremonies are also folk music. Bulgarian folk music featured “asymmetrical” rhythms, which is the combination of quick and slow beats. Each basic folk dance type use a distinct combination of rhythmic units but it varies across regions. Folk Instrument Gaida is a kind of aerophone with goat-skin bagpipe. There are two types of gaida- Thracian gai... ... middle of paper ... ... related to their living style. There are many basic steps known over the country but they vary across region. Bulgarian folklore music is rich and original. Each of the region has its own history and characteristics, such as traditional costumes and musical rhythms. It became increasing popular in mainstream music as ensembles or bands bring the folk music to all over the world like Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir who were honored with a Grammy Award in 1990. Reference: Bulgarian Myth and Folklore Resources [Online] The Alien Diaries by Katley Adventures in Balkan Music and Folklore [Online] Website for Balkan Forklore [Online] Music of the peoples of the World [Book] by William Alves Youtube Dance Video [Online]

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