Foils are Friends

Throughout our life we meet people in this world who stick around and stay with us through thick and thin. No matter what we as people go through in life, we all have that one friend that knows us like a book. In “A Doll’s House”, by Henrik Ibsen that friend is Christine Linde. Nora and Mrs. Linde were both significantly close as children, but they gradually fell out of touch as they grew older. They didn’t remain in contact until Mrs. Linde shows up unexpectedly at Nora’s home before Christmas. Although they hadn’t kept in close contact for a significant amount of time, it was as if they never lost touch when they were face to face. Christine Linde is a foil for Nora because she has to struggle for a significant time to get to where she is and continually shows us Nora’s strengths and weaknesses.
In the beginning of the play, it is evident that Christine Linde went through some hardships in her life as she progressed and got older. She explained to Nora all that she went through.“Mrs. Linde tells Nora that she has had some difficult problems and is seeking employment” (“A Doll’s House” 108). Mrs. Linde later receives news that she has got a job at the bank thanks to Torvald. She has to marry for love and take care of her sickly mother and her two younger brothers. Even though she has to work extremely hard and the burden is all on her, it reveals to us her character which is that she is an honorable wife, a reliable daughter, and a devoted sister. Mrs. Linde has to also give up her own needs of love and life to care for everyone else. Love didn’t force her to marry a rich man, the money did. Her life continually consists of working and tending to care for her mom and little brothers. It displays to us how reliable of a person...

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...inde’s advice and it just goes back to show us how Linde is incorporated in being a foil to Nora.
Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House” shows us the contrast between Nora and Linde and how much of a foil Linde is for Nora. It is visible throughout the play how much of a friend Linde is and how she slowly reveals to the readers Nora’s strengths and weaknesses. Linde wants the best for her friend and tries to make things easier by convincing her to tell Torvald the truth. Nora on the other hand has a different mindset when it comes to revealing the truth. Nora’s character/actions in the end reveals to us how naïve and foolish of a women she is thus, showing us yet again how Linde is a foil for Nora.

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