Torvald Restraints Nora Helmer's Freedom

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In Henry Ibsen’s play the Doll House, Torvald restraints Nora Helmer’s freedom. Torvald sees Nora as a doll and a child instead of an equal partner or wife. When Torvald does not sacrifice his reputation to save her, Nora realizes that “[she] had been living all these years with a strange man, and [she] had born him three children.” After years of having to live as a doll, Nora has an awakening that kindles her passion for freedom. Nora is the doll in the hands of Torvald. “A doll with a human figure is normally found in the hands of children, who makes the doll act according to their wish” (Ganesan and Kumaran). Torvald pets, dresses and provides Nora with money. Nora is not allowed to be herself because Torvald has full control over every aspect of her life. She plays the role of a doll to please her husband and to have a happy marriage. Nora has no identity since she has been playing a role all her life. Nora is a doll who has a “passive character with little personality of her own” (Wiseman). Her life is structured according to the whims of her husband. Torvald expects his wife to abide by his rules. Nora loves macaroons; however, Torvald forbids Nora to have macaroons. Although Nora disobeys the rule, she has to lie and blame Mrs. Linde for the macaroons just to appease her husband. The Helmers have been invited to a costume party. Instead of picking her own costume for the party, Nora says “[Torvald] couldn't you take me in hand and decide what I shall go as, and what sort of a dress I shall wear?” Nora’s freedom is so restrained that she cannot even choose a costume for herself. Torvald decides that she should dress up in a fish girl costume and perform the tarantella. “The costume and dance are part of T... ... middle of paper ... ...m” (Ibsen 1494). She wants to have an opinion based on what she learns and experiences. In order to fulfill her sacred duty, Nora is willing to depart from her playful wedlock. Nora has been a doll all of her life, fortunately, she has an awakening that kindles her passion for freedom. Torvald restricts her freedom. Torvald adorns Nora to his wishes and desires and basically strips Nora of her identity. Nora wants a happy marriage; hence, she appeases Torvald. When she is being blackmailed, she believes that Torvald will be her savior. However, Torvald’s selfish reaction to the news is Nora’s auspicious awakening. She knows that her marriage is a sham and that she does not know who she is. Nora leaves Torvald so that she can have the liberty to gain knowledge of the world and herself. Nora’s awakening has provided her with the freedom to fulfill her life.
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