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With the push of the advancement of technology, globalization not only boosts the economics but also increase the mobility of workers within different countries. Flexicurity, a labour welfare concept of a proactive strategy was raised firstly in Denmark in the late Nineteen century. Flexicurity now is being considered as a protection of European society within a world full of competition. Under the context of the changes of globalization and the advancement of technology, companies are forced to adapt into this situation continuously, high level of employees security should be placed mainly on how to make them stay on the job market instead of protecting them only from specific job. Help them go through a smooth transition among different jobs and make progress for their careers. According to European commission, the current state of the common principles of Flexicurity can be categorized to eights points. 1) Flexicurity enhanced the strength of labour market, creates more job options and better working situations. It modernized the labour market nowadays and improves the adaptabi...
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