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It was a decided. Crowley would expel the angel. Dean was barely sleeping. He was plagued by endless nightmares about Kevin and Sam and the son of bitch angel. He put his entire soul into fixing the mess he had created. Begining their search for the angel, Dean discovered Sam's cell phone was missing. Apparently, Gadriel had been dumb enough to keep Sam’s phone in his pocket after he took off. Finding him would be much easier than Dean had expected. After a few days, they located the area that he was hiding out and put their plan into motion. Dean and Cas snatched Sam/Gadriel from a previously abandoned warehouse a few counties over. There were papers everywhere, but the tablets were out of sight, if not already with Metatron. The pair snuck in early in the morning. Cas managed to knock Gadriel out with some angel mojo and they got back to the bunker as quickly as possible. There the unlikely trio; the hunter, the fallen angel, and the demon king of hell; began their interrogation. Despite Cas and Dean’s lack of confidence in Crowley, he kept up his end of the bargain. However, the interrogation did not last very long. The angel was unyielding. “Just do it.” Dean whispered, turning away. Cas nodded. Crowley shrugged nonchalantly. “I hate to say it, but I actually like Moose better as himself.” he sneered before beginning the procedure. Dean couldn’t stand to watch, tears threatened to fall from his tired green eyes. Cas stood with him in the doorway. Gadriel’s screams echoed in the room. As Crowley pressed onward, Dean recognized the sound of Gadriel’s screams noticeably turn back into Sam’s. Unable to contain his anger partially directed towards Gadriel and Metatron, but mostly directed toward hi... ... middle of paper ... ...lemnly. “Fine” Sam muttered, leaning his head on his arms and succumbing to exhaustion. Cas waited patiently for Dean to finish cooking. Out of all the food that he had eaten as a human, Dean’s was the best. Dean hummed classic rock songs as he worked. He hasn’t gotten tired of slaving away in the kitchen to prepare meals yet, and he doesn’t think he ever will. Cooking reminds him so much of his mom. It brings him closer to her in a way that almost nothing else does. It makes him happy. For just a little while, Dean can escape his guilt and the pressures of his work to enjoy himself. Cas sees this joy. That’s his theory as to why Dean’s food is so good; it is full of love. After the boys ate, Sam bade Dean and Cas good luck and went back to his room. The other two gathered up their gear and headed out to the Impala, starting the long drive to the warehouse.

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