Five Common Features Of The Finnish School System

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Pasi Sahlberg describes the history and changes that have helped make the Finnish school systems one of the most successful systems in the world today. Sahlberg uses his experiences as an educator, education professor, and policy adviser to identify key components of the Finnish system and how they were developed. Dr. Sahlberg also compares educational systems around the world to the Finnish system to show differences and areas that could be used to suggest change within those systems. Dr. Sahlberg describes how the Finnish system places an emphasis on the notion that all students can learn when presented with equitable opportunities within a system.
Another key component to the success of Finnish schools is the way educators and the
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Sahlberg identifies five common features of global reform. The five features are increased competition among schools, standardization, focus on core subjects, test-based accountability, and school choice. Finnish schools, on the other hand have chosen to focus on collaboration among schools, personalized learning, focus on the whole child, trust-based responsibility, and equity of outcomes. PISA data supports the Finnish model and shows the Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) has not been as successful with increasing student performance (Sahlberg, 2015 p.…show more content…
In the United States, many people believe teachers go into education because they couldn’t cut it in the real world, which can be relayed through the expression of “Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach”. The other common stereotype related to American teachers and the educational system is that they are “glorified babysitters” for families while parents are at work. Many educators feel undervalued and as though there isn’t any support for what they do in the classroom. These stereotypes and perceptions need to change before top candidates will once again choose to enter the field of education. The Finnish system shows how important it is to have quality teachers leading and working with students and colleagues in

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