How Can You Strive For Success?

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How to Strive for Success
Teachers are what make the doctors, lawyers, policemen and the list goes on, yet many people still do not consider their job a profession. Argumentors ideology is a bit logical because not all students graduate high school; enter college/university, graduate and end up in a profession. Students are the reaped crop and if some are not delivering fruit, how can others tell that the students were taught properly? Also, as seen through Savage Inequalities: Children in American School’s, by Jonathan Kozol, some teachers should not be allowed in that field. Teachers are supposed to instruct, engage, and place attention to the students, but if they do not have a passion to educate the students, they will receive that negative atmosphere in the classroom and decide no to learn. In the beginning, teachers were mainly women because the government did not have to pay them too much. Currently, we have both male and female instructors doing the job. Teachers are educating the future, so they should receive proper education and tools, like a lot of other professions, teachers should undergo a series of lessons and tests every two years, so they can be kept up to date on the methodologies of teaching. Furthermore, in order to teach the children properly, teachers need the right materials for that peculiar subject. Lastly, teachers should receive multicultural training, so they know what types of students they are dealing with.

Teachers should be trained by implementing the materials in their classrooms. At the school where Mrs. Hawkins teaches she, “[buys everything herself] because it never works to order things through the school system,” (Kozol 60). Purchasing equipment through the school system should ...

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...nd student.

All in all, teachers need to be viewed as professionals and not as simply pay babysitters because most do care about the students. Teachers tolerate the low wages, long hours and repetitive disrespect because they desired to place attention on student success. Teachers should not enter that career for the money, but for the devotion they will place on the students. Luckily there are ways to make teachers more valuable in society. Teachers should be given the right equipment to teach the subject that corresponds to them, the two-year skill evaluation should be more precise and by surprise, so no one knows. Also, students should be allowed to evaluate the teachers to provide feedback. Also, teachers should be aware of the surrounding cultures. In conclusion, teachers should motivate students to reach levels they themselves never thought they could attain.
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