First Amendment Rights Dbq Essay

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Document 1 relates to Document 2 not necessarily through the content, as #1 discusses the punishment for anyone who opposes the U.S.
Government through actions, and #2 discusses the fate of alien enemies in the U.S., but through their idea, and the motive for writing such laws. Both appear to be extreme precautions and safety measures, in an attempt to eliminate threats and prevent disasters, to the extent that even First Amendment rights are taken away. Both documents highlight how such events would take place, detailing certain things such as who is involved, what the crimes and the intents are, and the role of the court, as well as what rights those who are convicted have. The two documents also represent how the 3 branches of the US government are almost acting …show more content…

Document 3 deems such actions as unconstitutional, arguing that the unification of the 3 branches of government to create such a law is exactly what will turn the U.S. Government into a monarchy, and that such a law infringes on the rights granted to individuals through the
First Amendment. Document 2 does not directly relate to Document 3 directly, as they both discuss different things, but the ideas bear resemblance to the relation between Documents 1 and 3. Document 2 again is a breach of the rights granted to those living within the United States, such as how individuals can be apprehended simply for their ethnicity, rather than for their actions. Document 3, although being a challenge to the laws declared in Document 1, highlights the idea that the 3 branches of government cannot consolidate to declare such laws and to oppose the rights granted to individuals by the Bill of Rights, ideas that also apply to Document 2. Documents 1 and 2 both relate to Document 4 in a similar manner. Both
#1 and #2 detail laws that are deemed unconstitutional, infringing

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