Fine Studio Arts and Music

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Fine Studio Arts and Music
Fine studio Arts is a discipline which incorporates the creativity of an individual or artist into both plastic and visual media. This field makes use of the traditional fine arts media such as sculpture, painting and drawing and it also utilizes upcoming modern media such as digital images, ceramics and textile. Other in the context of modern media is the maintenance and management of studios, perspective and composition and the theory of art and color (Colwell 56). Since the ancient time music it is notable that music artist have made use of the studio arts concepts in creating perfect and enjoyable music to suit their audience. Examining and exploring the music trends for over decades the use of modern media technologies notably in the composition and performances is evident.
Studio arts and music has been integrated in many aspects and gives a creative expression in fussing studio arts and music programs in general. There is increased concern in the development of creative interest between music artists and those engaging in studio arts expertise. Visual art is a major component of fine studio arts and it gives artist opportunity of personal development in their music career and this is the reason why music artist who perform in different genealogical periods notably centuries had different expression of ideas as well as their way of examining identity (Colwell 205). Visual art exhibition of different periods can be used to deduce different interpretation of life and day to day experience of artists. This is evident in the transformation of music overtime from the romantic, classical, impressionism, serialism, and nationalism periods of music transformations.

Artwork production design process

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...he aim of reflection and evaluation is to facilitate the decision on how the final artwork shall be presented being consistent with the individual design process. It can also trigger further adjustments aiming to refine further the techniques and skills employed which might be of use in future artworks.
Finally is the investigation of the conditions and appropriate environment for the effective presentation of the artwork. This requires the artist to have extensive knowledge of the specific art industry. In the context of the music industry music promoters and designers will have a greater role to play in order to have good presentation and promoting the music artwork.
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