Final Project Reflection Paper

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503 words

Final Project Reflection
The group project turned to be an amazing first time experience for me on working as a member of a team for organizing an event. I find it safe to say that it would not have been possible if I were on my own. Each effort from the individual group member made it possible to create an event that I could never imagine at the start of the project. Through this project I have learned what actually working in a group is and how amazing things can happen if many hands and heads are working together. This project taught me about how someone whom you cannot expect anything from can turn about to impress you the most. Of course every project has a tough part to deal with and we faced ours too. One of the hardest parts in this …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the group project turned out to be an amazing first time experience for them on working as a team for organizing an event.
  • Opines that they can do more if they take part in more events that are held inside our campus or outside.

Another difficulty we faced was time management, because most of us were not experienced enough and had not organized any events before, some of us really thought we could never make it on time and that we had very little time for the task at hand, nevertheless we never lost hope and we never gave up, we pulled everything together at the very last moment and thus brought up an event which could not have been more successful. Events, no matter big or small, I believe it can bring a lot of difference and can change the whole course of a place that could include our entire campus. However, contribution from each member is mandatory and as this was my first step towards bringing a change, I believe I can do more if I take part in more events that are held inside our campus or outside. I was taught through my role, on how to persuade people and invite them into an event, roaming all around the campus and trying communicating in a persuasive manner to different people was a great experience, also, for the very first time I made an advertisement for an event and I felt very good once I saw my posters all around the campus, these were few of the handful things that I learned through my role that will become handy in the

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