Film Analysis Of The Movie 'The Boondock Saints'

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I chose to view and analyze the film The Boondock Saints. There were many different things I focused on while viewing the film. I decided to brake them down into the following categories: narrative, theatrical elements, cinematography, sound, and the overall experience. I will begin with stating my personal interpretations and understandings of the narrative.
Throughout the film there are two main characters. These two characters are Irish brothers that share a deep sense of their Catholic religion. Their names are Murphy and Connor McManus. Murphy and Connor are two normal men who are put in an extraordinary situation. Connor risks his own life to save the life of his brother. The situation starts out with a bar fight with two Russian mafia members. The Russians lose the fight with the two brothers; the next morning they come after the McManus brothers for revenge. Murphy and Connor kill the two men in self defense and go to the police station. While in the holding cell, they are given a message from a “spiritual force” to rid the world of evil men. The two brothers mutter “kill all that is evil, so all that is good may flourish”(The Boondock Saints) From that moment they devote themselves to a battle between good and evil. Another important character is David Della Rocco, also known as the “Funny Man” or just Rocco. Rocco is a package boy for the Yakaveta family which is involved in the Italian mafia. The head of the Yakaveta family is “Papa” Joe Yakaveta. Papa sets up Rocco in a situation to have him killed; Rocco finds out about papa's plans and decides to join forces with Murphy and Connor in killing evil people. The killings are mainly focused towards men with mafia affiliations. So Rocco tells the McManus brothers who to ki...

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...ose from dialogue and weapons. The background was enhanced by the use of music which increased the emotional impact of the scenes.
Overall, The Boondock Saints was a great film. According the internet movie database they give the movie a 7.8 out of 10 and say “Great movie with lots of action” (IMBd).I could tell there was a lot of thought, hard work, and creativity involved in the making of this film. Every part was created to portray a certain feeling or response and was cleverly designed to remain realistic and authentic. The filmmakers used to create a sense of truth and justice. Watching the film was a satisfying and enjoyable experience. This movie was exciting and emotional at the same time. It was nice to watch a movie with religious aspects. The thought of good triumphing over evil always leaves a warm sensation in me. Now I can not wait to watch the sequel.

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