A Few Good Men Film Analysis

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Gender and the portrayal of gender roles in a film is an intriguing topic. It is interesting to uncover the way women have been idealized in our films, which mirrors the sentiments of the society of that period in time. Consequently, the thesis of this essay is a feminist approach that seeks to compare and contrast the gender roles of two films. The selected films are A few Good Men and Some Like it Hot.
A Few Good Men (1992) is a classic American film, with classic gender disparity. The name itself is indication enough. Set on a military and legislative backdrop, the hegemonic order between masculinity and femininity thrives. In an interview, Aaron Sorkin (the film’s screenwriter) was asked to elaborate on his worst experience as the screenwriter.
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The story boils down to two men, forced to dress like women in order to run away from the mafia. The fact that they dress like women makes it inevitable for the film to be brought up in the discussion of gender roles in film (Benshoff et. al, 2011). The film itself highlights the issue of gender roles in several ways. For instance, the iconic Marilyn Monroe plays the role of Sugar. Sugar’s character (unlike archetypical female characters in the then and now) rejects the protector portrayal of masculinity. She wants a man who can depend on her, instead of her depending on him. In a seduction scene, she is the aggressor (so to speak), completely blurring the gender stereotype of femininity. The cross-dressing romantic comedy destabilizes gender distinctions by virtue of man pretending to be a woman. The comic element provides a stable medium to alter the gender roles. The effectiveness of which is highlighted by Jerry’s apparent transformation into bliss, from the moment, he turned into a woman. Some Like it Hot does not just try to bend the concept of gender; it makes a great effort at obliterating the entire concept. It dismisses the stringent stereotypes, societies formulate to try to control or inculcate a desired social
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