Analysis of Three Scenes in Raging Bull

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Analysis of the Raging Bull We analyzed two scenes in a movie called the Raging Bull. There were lots of clever techniques that were used. I was looking for five factors in those two scenes: the editing, the lighting and color, the use of the camera the sound and the mise en scene. I will analyze the scenes as much as I can and explain what they signify if possible. Scene 1 This first scene was actually the introduction of the movie. There was no editing or camera movement involved in this scene. The scene was filmed in black and white, I believe the director did this to connote to the audience that this is a piece of history. Black and white pictures also connotes the idea of something legendary and historic. This could fit in the topics of mise en scene or lighting and colour. However I believe it is more in the mise en scene topic because it creates an atmosphere that this is something historic and legendary. The intro was also filmed in slow motion with a slow song. I believe that the non-diegetic soundtrack was a parallel sound because it matched with the use of slow motion. The director uses these two together intentionally to manipulate the audience and to allow them to get into the mood of this movie. I felt like I was watching something important and historic. The soundtrack was the only sound you could here during that first scene. This scene took place in an arena, where there was a ring. The boxer was continuously jumping up and down, warming his self up on the left hand side of the ring. This was an asymmetrical piece because of how the boxer was always on the left hand side of the ring wi... ... middle of paper ... ...ers. We felt like we were in the ring and part of the action. I noticed a few other things which I felt were also important. The darkening of the audience during the fight showed that they were not important and that the director wanted us to focus on the fight. I realised that the sound during the brawl in the audience was loud, and there was a use of low key lighting, which showed how intense and important this game is, that even the crowd got involved. There was silence at the start of the final round which signified how crucial and important this final round is. I realised that there was smoke behind that opponent’s head during the break, which could signify that he was the bad one. I conclude that these five important factors were used to create atmospheres and to connote to the audience what is the situation.
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