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Frozen: Hero’s Journey Film Analysis “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself” says Joseph Campbell.
The protagonist Ana, in Frozen, goes on a journey in which she is in great jeopardy of her sister’s ice powers. Elsa, Ana’s sister, has just become queen in an opulent coronation when her ice powers go out of control. She runs away and Ana goes on a very dangerous journey to find her and change the weather back. Ana nearly loses her life in the end because of Elsa. Although Ana’s journey to find Elsa lacks parts of the hero’s journey, she still embodies the classic and Hemingway hero archetypes, follows the hero’s journey for the most part, and learns a valuable lesson that love heals relationships.
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When a hero is in their initiation stage, generally they are starting or getting ready to achieve their ultimate goal and end up achieving it in this stage as well. Because Elsa froze Ana’s heart, Ana needs an act of true love in order to not literally freeze to death. Ana thought that this act would be a true love's kiss with Hans. However, Hans turned out to portray much duplicity and never loved Ana, as he just wanted her throne. When Ana freezes in front of Hans’ knife, she saves Elsa from being stabbed by him. Elsa then hugs Ana and weeps. Meanwhile, Ana begins to thaw and the ice which she is contained in melts. This event in Frozen serves as the “atonement with the father” in which Elsa acts as the father figure. Elsa’s love for Ana thaws Ana and brings her “back to life.” Likewise, the next part of Ana’s initiation occurs once she is thawed. The whole city of Arendale thaws as well. Elsa remembered and said aloud, “Love will thaw” (Frozen). This event depicts the “ultimate boon” part of the hero’s journey. Ana’s ultimate goal, to bring back Elsa and change the weather, is achieved in this part of the movie. Throughout most of the movie, Ana has worked to find Elsa and thaw Arendale so this “ultimate boon” is the climax of the movie as well. This quote also helps to elaborate on the lesson that love heals because Elsa’s love for Ana is what thawed Ana and Arendale. Clearly, Ana’s ultimate goal was achieved while also…show more content…
The hero achieves their ultimate goal before the return. The return is when the hero is coming back home and/or trying to settle back into their normal life. Ana owes Kristoff a new sled because his broke on their journey. He loves it so much that he wants to kiss her and he and Ana realize they are in love. This event in the movie makes Ana the “master of two worlds”. She and Elsa are sisters and now have a very good relationship and her newfound love for Kristoff puts her in a romantic relationship as well. She has to learn to deal with and master both worlds, whether romantically or not. Finally, Ana has come to the last part of her hero’s journey. Ana is now home and with the people she loves. At the beginning of the movie, the castle gates were always closed which made Ana very sad. However, the gates are now open. Ana says to Elsa, “I like the open gates” (Frozen). This quote can be interpreted literally like the castle gates are now open, or metaphorically. Metaphorically this quote implies how Ana can now be free and herself with the people she loves. Ana can now “live in the moment” and not worry about the past or the future. This ability to “live in the moment” showcases the “freedom to live” step in the hero’s journey. In the end, Ana has completed the hero’s journey with hardships, achieved goals, and mended

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