Fighting Global Warming

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Global warming has become a major issue discussed over Medias and governments all over the world today. It is a problem that threatens the whole world because of the destructive impacts it can have on us humans and to the environment. Global warming is not a new phenomenon. It is often referred to as the gradual rise of the earths near surface temperature as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities. The green house gases are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, ozone and water vapor, they act as a blanket that traps enough heat from the sun to warm the earth. This is the green house effect as it is essential to life, for without it the earth would be so cold and would be uninhabitable. If not enough are in the air then the earth would become cold, but if too many gases are released into the air, then we have the problem of things heating up. The releasing of green house gases by humans slowly warm the earth, potentially changing the world?s climate pattern causing sea levels to rise and more disastrous effects. Now that the causes and effects of global warming are known, there can be strategies done to minimize its causes and effects. To achieve this countries and individuals have to work together to fight global warming, agreements made at the Kyoto Protocol is to minimize burning of fossil fuels in world leading countries of greenhouse gas emission including the United States and China. The earth?s atmosphere is made up of gases, carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and nitrogen, these gases are known as the greenhouse gases, they trap heat from the sun to warm the earth. Without them the earth would be so cold. Most scientists believe that the sharp increase of greenhouse gases released into ... ... middle of paper ... ...more trees to replace the fallen trees. REFERENCE(APA Format)...not in alphabetical order Simmons (2005, September 11). 5 deadliest effects of Global Warming, Retrieved February 28 2008 from Staff Writers (2007, February 27). Climate Science, retrieved March 2 2008 from Forest Holocaust retrieved March 2 2008 from Tapia, J. (2007, May). A Global Climate Change, retrieved March 4 2008, from Forests: Protecting Forests that Help Mitigate Climate Change, retrieved March 4 2008, from
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