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Feudalism was introduced in the medieval period of time. The Middle Ages brought about the rise of a governmental system known as feudalism. Although the type of system was new it quickly became very popular. Feudalism was a system of cooperation among peoples which was basically an exchange of land. In this system there was no coin currency involved. An aristocrat, a person of upper class nobility, would give vassals, men who would give protection to the lord in exchange for land, land in exchange for military service to the lord. These type of feudal agreement was only done by the upper class of society such as noblemen. This system was of great assistance to the rulers of the middle ages. It helped them bring order to the nations. Feudalism started in Northern Europe and spread through out the continent. It was most strongest in Europe. It was in 700 A.D when feudalism began and was probably at its strongest point in the 900's up to the 1200's. By the 1500's it was gone after serving its purpose.
In the country of England feudalism was introduced to the country by William I after he had defeated Harold at the Battle of Hastings. After being introduced to England, feudalism became a way of life in Medieval England and stayed that way for many centuries. William I known better as William the Conqueror had defeated the English army lead by Harold but in order to truly be called king of England he had to gain control of the country as well. William I had to use force in order to get and maintain his control of England since he was not very popular among the people of England. The defeat of Harold at the Battle of Hastings by William I occurred in 1066 which meant that feudalism began in England in or close to the year 1066.
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...o get a hold of land. The nobles that were given land had to swear an oath of loyalty to William I. They had to agree. The nobles ha to collect taxes in their area and provide the lord with soldiers if and when told to do so. If the nobles were to ever break the oath it was believed that they would be condemned to Hell that is why many nobles did not ever dare even think of breaking and oath after agreeing to one. Feudalism in England began in 1066 and disappeared from the country around the 1500. The reason for feudalism ending in England included most peasants shifting from the country to towns where they eventually bought their freedom. The nobles became weaker therefore the kings took back their lands and power and feudalism slowly began its way out of the country. While England had a feudal government feudalism in the country had several strong and weak points.

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