Feminism In Feminism

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Feminism is becoming trendy yet again due to recent celebrity behind this action, such as Beyoncé and Emma Watson. More and more people are trying to erase the negative stigma, and recognize that, equal rights for women are important. After all, women make up half the world’s population. The newspaper article is written on the recent campaign HeForShe speech, spoken by Emma Watson, the harry potter alumni. The article and speech is centred on needing men’s involvement in the movement. Feminism is a prevalent global issue due to the universal gender inequality based on patriarchy and denouncing women as the inferior sex. With years of history behind the feminist movement, people wonder if we still need feminism. The answer is yes. Gender inequality is still an issue worldwide, and even in Canada. Women are still viewed as the weaker and lesser gender and this creates a lot of social issues, such as violence against women.…show more content…
Like the campaign itself, he has the strong belief that men should be involved in the feminist movement. Current criticism of her speech, ranges from misogynists, who reject the idea of feminism all together, and feminists who believe the campaign is to focused on men, as many women believe men cannot be feminists all together (D.8, 2014). The issue presented in the newspaper article I have chosen is the topic of feminism. Branching off the idea of feminism I will be incorporating feminist theory into social work, and discussing the issues that

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