Female Genital Mutilation And The Somali Culture

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Female circumcision. Therefore, a relativist may say these actions are justifiable to the Somali females because it’s relative to their culture. These cultural rituals shape women’s personal development and role in the Somalia society. A good example of relativism would be to compare the American culture, versus the Somali culture. A relativist may consider the act of female mutilation to be justifiable in the Somali culture because most Somali women view circumcision as normal, expected, and desirable (Lauren V, 2011). However, for the American culture, one will view this act to be immoral and a violation of women rights. The practice of female genital mutilation isn’t a norm for the women in America, in fact they view this practice as a violation of human rights which arise an ethical issue. What is ethics? Ethics the study defending the concepts of right and wrong behavior (Mosser, 2013). Female genital mutilation is an ethical issue because of the difference of moral beliefs about its practice worldwide, and the conviction with which this beliefs are held. Those who support his practice, rely on their religion, and beliefs in order to support it; while others understand that this practice causes harm for many innocent females, who their human rights are being violated. Female genital mutilation is ethically not accepted, because of the injustice act that threatened young girl’s lives. Who said a new born baby girls will understand or even consent to undergoing such procedure which inflicts them with nothing but torture and harm? This is an injustice and is morally wrong. Female genital mutilation cannot be viewed as a traditional custom, due to the health problem concerns worldwide. Religion more culture cannot justify such ... ... middle of paper ... ...ure should be banned from any religion. It’s not a cultural tradition we read upon in the bible, therefore it has nothing to do with religion. It’s a custom invented by people in those cultures to eliminate females from obtaining control. I think this procedure should be consider a crime. It’s immoral to see baby girls, and young girls being tortured and brutally injured for life. They suffer physically, and mentally and it’s conducted against their own will. The entire procedure is horrifying, it saddens me to read upon such treatment these girls have to go through and hopefully one day every country is free from Female genital mutilation. To many, FGM is a violation of the human rights. It expresses a discrimination against women, and poses many inequalities. Females, as well as children aren’t being treated with the respect, dignity, or love they each deserve.
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