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When figure skaters compete, they are being judged on more than their technique. While other sports only care if you have proper technique, ice skaters must have much more. They must also have grace and perform artistically. The skaters that lack grace but have excellent technique do not do so well in competitions as those who are graceful and have good technique. The requirement to be graceful and feminine on the ice causes figure skating competitions to resemble more of a beauty pageant than a sport based on athletic ability. The artistic component of Olympic figure skating should not factor into the athlete’s score because it diminishes the value of technical skills needed for this competitive sport. In order for figure skaters to be judged as athletes, they need to be judged on their athletic accomplishments and not on how they look or their artistic performance. The best athletes in America go on to compete in the winter Olympics. The winter Olympics, hosted every four years by a different country, is the only place to see so many talented athletes all competing at the same time. One Olympic sport, figure skating, is not judged the same way as the other sports are. Unlike other sports that focus on technical ability, figure skating also focuses on artistic ability. A panel of judges rate the athletes on two categories, then add those categories together to compute the final score. The first category is technical skill. The category encompasses the more athletic part of figure skating such as the jumps and spins. The second category is the program component part, which encompasses the artistic values of the performance. Figure skaters receive their scores based on the level of difficulty of their technique, and also how artis... ... middle of paper ... ...f the Olympic committee decided to no longer score the artistic component of figure skating then figure skating would lose its beauty. However, just by removing the artistic part of figure skating from the scores will not turn the competitions “ugly”. Athletes will continue to bring a certain level of grace to ice, they just won’t be judged on it. Figure skating is an athletic competition, not an art show. There is a time and a place for art, but during a competition. Because figure skaters are athletes, they should be judged on their athletic ability. When judges factor in their artistic ability into the score, they are taking the focus away from skills needed to excel in the sport. By focusing solely on an athlete’s ability, judges will be sending the message that figure skating is a sport and should be judged as other sports are-on an athlete’s athletic ability.
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