History of the Olympics

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History of the Olympics

The feeling is all too familiar, from the front row to the last seats in the bleachers; a

rhythmic pounding surges the ears and the airwaves of the arena. It comes from the athlete's

heart, pulsating moments before the strike. Wether they are waiting for a gun shot, a buzzer,

a whistle, the okay of an Olympic Official, or just until the thought process becomes nothing

more than a memory, they are just waiting for a chance at the gold. Everything that they have

been pushed, trained and fine tuned for comes down to this moment... These aren't your

ordinary run of the mill casual mall walkers. They are nothing less than toned up, calorie

burning super humans, programmed to win. Fat is non-existent and "the perfect body" can be

seen here. As these super humans get into position, tunnel vision mode initiates, and at the

end of the tunnel is the finish... and the gold. This is also the same scene back in the Ancient

times of the Gods... Survival is the key and the real prize is the satisfaction that you are

number one!

Welcome to the Olympics, by far the most published and drawn event in the world.

Literally millions are drawn to the events that upwards to 2 1/2 weeks to complete. The

modern Olympics were a vision of one man who had strived to see a unity that can only be

seen from the ideals of the past (countries watching their heros cheering them for victory).

These Olympic games of today transcend all obstacles of hatred and bitterness toward others.

Instead, a growth emerges. Not every athlete gets a metal, but every athlete can bask in the

glory of saying I was there, I was at the Olympics.

But, during the Ancient Olympics (which began in 776 b.c.) in Athens Greece, lo...

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powerful force. We are showing this power by competition not war. That's what the

Olympics represent, peace through showmanship. I have shown that the Ancient Olympics

put a stop to war and destruction for almost two months. If we think about that, the society in

whole belives that war comes second to athletics. If only we could have the Olympics



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