Controversies Surrounding the Summer Olympics

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For the past few years there has been a very controversy issue that has been plaguing the Summer Olympics. The Summer Olympics was first held in 1896, it’s an international multi-sport where athletes around the world come to compete with other athletes from different countries. There are many events that are held in the Summer Olympics ranging from Track and Field all the way to Volleyball and Basketball. In each Olympic event there are medals that earned to the winners, the first place winners get a gold medal, the second place winners get a silver medal, and the third place winners gets a bronze medal. The Summer Olympics are held in many different places around the world every four years. But many individuals think that the Summer Olympics …show more content…

But I would have to say they seemed pretty weak. He did not give examples on how people felt when their country hosted the Olympics. He just made an assumption that people in the country gets a national pride boost. His position was well stated you can get a quick insight on his opinion just by ready the first two sentences. But I would the article validity would be weak since the reasons he gives aren’t really factual. By reading these two articles I have come to agree with Tom Worstall on the Summer Olympics being held in one location each four years. I believe that having the Summer Olympics in different cities each four years is very expensive to do especially for the less developed countries. With the Summer Olympics being held in the same spot each time the facilitates being built won’t be useless once the Olympics are over. They can be reused again and again which will save money for everyone. In conclusion, either way you look at it the Olympics has its pros and cons when it comes around. Having the Olympics move each year has not really been considered a problem till recent years. Many people want to stick with the tradition and allow other countries host the Olympics, but other want it to remain in one permanent spot. Either way you go we will still have the pleasure having seeing the best athletes in the world compete against each other and represent their

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