Fear of Death in White Noise by Don DeLillo

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In the novel, White Noise by Don DeLillo, Jack Gladney tries to think that he know his wife Babette. He tries to disguise his true self in order to gain strength through his false identity. He tries to control Babette’s thoughts by telling her she is supposed to act a particular way because he is slowly losing control and the struggle of who is more afraid of death. Jack constantly is trying to face his fears of death but learns that his wife has similar fears. He tries to gain power over his death by trying to murder someone. Jack wants to be afraid of death but at the same time does not want to fear his fear. Though his process of attempted murder he finds his self and accepts reality which causes him to find a way to avoid his fear. Throughout the novel many character shape the personality and the way Jack lives his fear. In the novel, Jack’s identity crisis begins when he changes his name to J.A.K. Gladney. He felt that if he changed his name like a chancellor advised him, he would be taken seriously as a Hitler innovator. Jack did not want to do that so he added an ex...
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