Fear in A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Throughout A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, Conor, the protagonist worries about many issues. He suffers through all the emotions he has to combat about his mother's battle with cancer. However, the greatest emotion Conor has conflict is with fear itself. He is so fearful of countless issues he has to struggle with such as the fact he might have to possibly live with his grandmother for the rest of his life, or if he might not stay with his father the way Conor would like to. Primarily what Conor suffers through the most is the fear of his own mother's health. Conor cannot handle the fact that his mother is not getting any better and her health is slowly failing. Conor has an incredible amount of conflict with his fear, he tries to hide it, pretend it is not there, but soon his fear will grow until his fear finally get hold of him. In similarity, it is like procrastinating on an assignment in some sort, when there is no time left the assignment must be done. When there is no time left Conor has to acknowledge and face the fear. Patrick Ness tries to say that, through the way Conor deals with all his fears, Ness says it is better to overcome his fears than hide them. Also, not acknowledging his fears will lead to painful internal conflict, and acknowledging fears is difficult, but facing them is for the better of Conor.
Conor shows strongly how he will not overcome his fears as soon as Grandma comes to visit to take of Conor and his mother. When she is there, Grandma tells Conor his mother is worse off than she looks saying, "She'll seem better tomorrow, but she won't be Conor" (Ness 55). This gets Conor to have a conflict inside; he knows his grandma is right but does not want to overcome and rather hide his fear, pushing it away...

... middle of paper ... has to go through pain first.
Time is fear's worst enemy, as time goes on; fears only become a worse conflict. For Conor it was the fear of his mother passing away. For Conor it was the fear of his mother passing away. All this time he pretended the fear was not there, every time someone brought it up, he would shut it down. He acted like this mother was never sick, saying of course his mother will get better. He knows inside it is a lie but is willing to listen to them anyway for comfort. Soon though, he learns from the monster that he has to face his fears even though it hurts because if he does not he will never accept it and feel guilty so it is for the better of Conor. After hiding for so long, Conor finally had to deal with his fear; because he had not dealt with it for so long it caused him painful conflict inside of him and the pain was unbearable.
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