Fate In Into The Wild

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Many believe that our choices in life are already made for us and we have no control to what happens to us, although others believe that this life is like an epic journey and we can change our fate at any moment. It´s hard to choose which side you believe in my honest opinion I believe that our lives do not ¨lie in the fate of God¨ as stated by in the Iraq War Post by Faiza Al-Araji however I believe instead that our life is an odyssey, that we must travel through and make important choices by ourselves not by fate. But with many edvidence and claims in both story the question ¨How much in our lives do we actually controls?¨ wanders through our mind.

Fate has opinions however it is us who make the choices. Destiny is ultimately in our hands. In Into the Wild by Krakauei, Which is about Chris McCandless a 3.72 student has a choice of going to a good university with his grades and the money his parents have saved for him to go to a university but instead he decides to take a different path as ¨ he intended to invent an utterly new life for himself, one in which he would be free to wallow in unfiltered experience.¨ This proves
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This shows that we have the power to keep on going and be optimistic instead of letting life control us and try to break us down. It is in our control to determine the outcome of our
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