Marketing Strategy Of Zara

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An evaluation of how marketing strategy have changed within Fast Fashion industry
—“a case study on Zara”

Chapter1 Introduction

This chapter introduces the research background of the present study. The first section is the statement of the problem containing the business environment, the developing trend and academic background of the study. Next, the specific research questions and hypothesis which are the basis of this study are presented. Last, the significance and limitations of the present research are followed.
Statement of Problem
Recent years, Fast Fashion has come into ordinary people’s daily life and connecting them with the fulfilling of the need of following the trend of fashion with a reasonable and price and approachable
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(Reinach Simona Segre (2005) Another signal of the fashion tendency is shown within one of the largest potential consumption market—China. The real thing which is actually happening in fashion culture as Segre (2005) suggested that the “Implication is of fast culture passage from a system that hinged upon prêt à porter to a system now starting to hinge upon fast fashion, based on totally different production presuppositions and rhythms and new consumption…show more content…
As consumer behaviour is relating to both short-term and long-term strategy of the market strategies as well as the future trend of its development, it is valuable to throughly research the further interaction between fashion innovation and consumer behaviour. Marketing strategy could relate to a wide range of decision making, which reflected the relation between the end of the supply chain—customer and the start point, designer or company.
Products need to be consumed to fulfil its value, therefore specific objectives guiding the study are listed as below:
To critically evaluate the relationship between consumer behaviour and choosing a marketing

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