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In the two separate articles, both titled “Does a Family Need to Share a Surname?” authors Liz Breslin and Laura Williamson have opposing opinions. Breslin believes that family members need to share a surname because she wants her family to be identified as a united family. In addition, in her opinion, using a same family surname also is a symbol of togetherness. By contrast, Williamson states that a family doesn’t need to share a surname because she thinks it isn’t necessary. Therefore, she gave her name to her son. I agree with Breslin because I think that people should follow the tradition, family togetherness, history. When couples decided to get married, something they need to consider is if they would like to follow the tradition of People traditionally know the women should take their husbands name and pass on the male surname to their children. Even though she is a “feminist”, “this is not a feminist issue for me. It is a family one.” (65). Breslin stated, “We decided, after thinking it through, that tradition works for us – having the same name is part of the shared identity we treasure.” (66). In addition, she wants to have the symbol of togetherness by sharing the same surname. “what make us a family are shared time, meals, songs, traditions, and customs.” (66) Breslin also wants her family united, and she thinks sharing a last name supports being Although not sharing a last name can’t really hurt anybody, it is important for a child’s identity. Traditional people understand that children always have the same surname as their fathers. Therefore, people may not realize the relationship between them if they don’t have the same surname. Besides, connections between mothers and children are strong, but fathers also play a very important role in families, as Breslin herself points out. The blood of the child is the combination of the blood of his/ her parents. I can’t give my children my wife’s last name just because she was pregnancy. It doesn’t make sense to me. Furthermore, there are many ways to show the love of the father for his family so they don’t need to be concerned about sharing their name with their children. In fact, I agree with Breslin’s views because I think that people should follow the tradition, reinforce family togetherness, and adhere to history. Many women and children find that having the same last name as their husband helps them feel more like a family, and a new name is an important symbol of a family united. It is not only the tradition in America but also a tradition all over the world. For example, my country, Viet Nam, people passes on the husband’s surname to their children. It historically states a long time ago and becomes a tradition. If anybody tries to do the opposite, they will be called ill

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