Examples Of Conformity In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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The Giver By Lois Lowry is a book about a futuristic society that has no color, weather or emotion. Jonas, a twelve year old boy, discovers some truth about the society. Jonas lives in this society with so much conformity and no diversity at all. In the society jobs are assigned, families are assigned and everyone wears the same clothes. Everything is so controlled and the same. After Jonas receives his job as Receiver of Memory, he realizes he needs to do something to help the diversity in the society. Lois Lowry is warning her audience that too much conformity and sameness can lead to a dull society that lacks diversity and independence.
In this futuristic society, families are assigned. When one is ready they apply for a spouse. Once they get their match they are allowed to apply for a child. Each family gets one son and one daughter. This is a good example of conformity in the book. This has negative effects on the society because nobody can name their own child. When two parents receive their kids, they all already have names. Also everyone has the same amount of people in their family, four. This adds to the conformity in the society. It highlights the part about sameness and dullness in Lowry’s warning. More …show more content…

When someone is becomes a twelve they are assigned their job at the Ceremony of Twelve. The kids still attend school but they have training for their jobs now instead of community service. This has negative effects on the society because if someone does not like their job then they are stuck with it forever. Everyone is always working, so if somebody does not like the job they have then that could interrupt the normality and daily life of other people in the society. This highlights Lowry’s warning because if the people in the world are not careful, the world would lack diversity and things like jobs will be chosen for

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