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People from foreign ethnic group have names that is difficult to pronounce for native people. A typical response they get when they introduce themselves is a curious look and subsequently a question-- How do you pronounce your name again? The way a name is pronounced, it can shape how individuals see us and define our accomplishments. When an ethnic name is Americanized or changed or given nickname, it can change how people view his/her identity. Even in the job market, the employer is likely to hire candidate like them and sometime they judge a pool of potential candidates with the familiarity of name. As name can be connection to self identity and related to ancestry, people should not be biased based on name and how it is pronounced; people …show more content…

For immigrant, minority, or English learning student, name has historical and hereditary significance. They may have stories behind their name which are suppressed when they are regularly compelled to adjust to an “Americanized” setting. However, that transition forces students to take name that do not define them. Yee Wan moved to United States from China when she was 17. When she enrolled to a school at United States, she was forced to change her name-- she had to decide whether to keep her native name or change to American name so that it would be easier for her teachers to pronounce her name. Realizing that there was no choice, she had to change her name to Winnie. (McLaughlin 1). Similarly, Michelle-Thuy Ngoc is a US born teen …show more content…

John L. Cotton argues in a paper that “Extensive research in social psychology has demonstrated that when we perceive others as being similar to ourselves, we are attracted to them”(Cotton 19). Although there are law against racial discrimination, white Americans are more likely to get job offer than black applicant, or an immigrant. When Jose Zamora applied for job at several companies, he did not get any job offer. Later, when he dropped a letter “s” in his name and changed it to “Joe” and applied for jobs at companies at United States, he got interview at several companies. Numerous job applicants and studies have found that employers subconsciously or consciously make discrimination against name that sounds Latino or Black. Broad research in social psychology has demonstrated that. How attitude relates to attraction is a major part of this research. We prefer what is similar to our character and what is known to us. (Cotton 19) Minorities are at disadvantage because they lack representation at many levels. As the discrimination is started at early hiring process and if all the employers are inclined to hire employee similar to them, people of different ethnic group and races have very little chance of getting hired. The current hiring process is the reason people like Jose are forced to change their name. As it is easier to secure a job with American name,

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  • Explains that people from foreign ethnic groups have names that are difficult to pronounce for native people. the way a name is pronounced can shape how individuals see us and define our accomplishments.
  • Explains that a student's name can be connected to their personality, while an immigrant, minority, or english learning student may have historical and hereditary significance.
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