Evolution and Significance of Women's Last Name Change

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The tradition of women taking a husband’s last name is fairly new. This tradition arose in the 1970’s. Before the 1970’s, women were referred to as the mistress of the said husband. This was due to the fact that it was assumed that the husband would take care of finance and business. Although, about 50 to 90 years ago, women became upset with being treated as property. Due to this, they began taking their husband’s last name, this didn’t come into play until the 1970’s though. I believe women should take their husband’s last name. When a woman doesn’t take the husband’s last name, her usual argument is because it strips her personal identity. This argument is not true. I believe women should take the husband’s last name because it shows a connection to family, it’s less confusing for children, it shows unity, there are less misunderstandings and business transactions are generally easier. …show more content…

She wanted to keep her maiden name, LaBelle. She simply said she liked her own last name. My mother explained how she felt it was wrong to change her last name because it shows her shutting out her family. I don’t necessarily agree with my mother. I do not think that it strips your identity to your family before marriage. You are still in your family, but by getting married you are creating a new family. Identity isn’t determined by a last name, we grow up and move on. According to the BBC article, “Why Should Women Change Their Names on Getting Married,” saying I do, can fundamentally change the answer to the question “who am I?” Which is an understandable reason to keep your maiden name. My mother said “it’s just a name, a name doesn’t make a marriage.” This is more of an opinion than pure evidence. Anyone can argue that a last name changes identity, to me, you are who you are no matter what your name

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