Family Relations In The 19th Century

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The nineteenth century was a century like no other. Times were technology and manufacturing are at their infancy. The mass production of almost all commodities resulted in higher standard in Europe, but only for the upper and middle classes. Although the driving machine of these industries, the lower and working classes of Europe were at no advantage then the native people around the globe. The European working and lower classes where slaves in their homelands just like the native popeles around the globe under European control.

All though things were looking as if there is more of everything and living standers are higher like no other period in Europe, the working class was crushed with work and no benefits. They worked daily and could …show more content…

An individual became part of his or her job. Family relations were especially damaged. Previously, the family worked together as a single unit, with the father doing the job that required the most strength, then the mother by his side, and the children helped with what they are capable of doing. However, that changes in the nineteenth century. “The bourgeoisie has torn away from the family its sentimental veil, and has reduced the family relation to a mere money relation.” After the technological advancement in the industrial era, fathers, mothers and even children worked in different places and different conditions, moreover family relations are on the premise of money. The Improvements in the technology also reduced the mental capabilities of an individual; the work has been simplified so that only few movements where needed for the employee to perform his/ her job. “The industrialization era resulted in deskilling people. De-skilling is also de-humanism” The Proletariat was reduced to machines to maximize their output on the expense of losing their ability to reason. This is was the slavery of the brain to prevent the poor from seeing that the premise of this prosperity experienced by the aristocracy and bourgeoisie has come from their enslavement to complete obedience or starvation to death; like the people of

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