Situational Psychology of 19th Century America

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A situation can drastically affect a person’s behavior, motivation and overall attitude. There have been many psychological studies that demonstrate the strong influence a situation has on a person’s behavior. Economy, living conditions, education and treatment can have an enormous impact on an individual’s conduct and demeanor. The ever-changing situations of the 19th century in America posed a challenge for various groups of people. People were often put in demanding situations and most reacted according to their current environment. Nineteenth century America was full of economic, political and social change. There were many fluctuations of economic prosperity and depression. Land size and population was expanding at an enormous rate. This time in American history was marked with turmoil and chaos as the young nation experienced rapid growth. African Americans dealt with slavery and subsequent freedom. Ex-confederate soldiers had to readjust to a changed society. Women fought for education, political rights and equality. Immigrants flooded the country and fueled industrialism. Native Americans fought a battle to preserve their heritage and culture as they faced white expansion and the loss of vital natural resources. Outside influences shaped the changes that occurred and these Americans responded to the situations of their time. The African Americans and Native Americans undoubtedly experienced the most change during the 19th century. The African Americans went from slaves that were shipped in boats under deplorable conditions to America to becoming a free people that were left on their own to struggle in an intolerant American society. These people were ripped from their African homes, separated from their... ... middle of paper ... ...enth Century. Farmington: Gale, 2000. Credo Reference. 29 Oct. 2007. Web. 20 Apr. 2010. < HYPERLINK "" http://>. "Women's Suffrage." The Blackwell Dictionary of Political Science. Oxford: Blackwell, 1999. Credo Reference. 1 Jan. 2001. Web. 5 May 2010. < HYPERLINK "" http:// HYPERLINK "" HYPERLINK "" women_s_suffrage>.

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