Balancing Family Conflicts Amidst Busy Schedules

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The conflict I have picked for this certain paper is a family that is having multiple issues with multiple people. This problem can easily occur out in the real life world. There are two sides to this problem and after arguing with her boss for a while she has finally gave in and let her have only work a couple nights a week overtime. This conflict can be either smaller or even larger then what is stated in this paper.
A family of four, there is a mother, a father and two young children around the age of ten and twelve. The parents both work fulltime and both of the children are in extracurricular activities and sports such as volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, and football. This family is very busy all year long. The parents also …show more content…

Then we have the mother’s boss that wants her to work all the time and not to be home with her family. These two interest are the total opposite of each other, and they really don’t have anything in common. The one thing they do have in common is that they both think that the mother should be in one place and not the other. The differences of this problem is that they both want something different from the mother. Her family wants her home more and her boss at work wants her to work overtime every week. Both parties disagree on what the mother should be doing. Each side clearly has two different options and both sides make is very clear of what she should be doing. After all, the mother should do what is best for her and her family.
Invent options for mutual gain
1. The parents could both change jobs so they can be home more and focus more on their children.
2. The father could be a stay at home father. The whole entire day can be focused on the children and the wife.
3. Each week the family seats down and goes over the upcoming week’s schedule.
4. The parents could talk to the children and have each child only do one sport and one extra activity.
5. Children could be assigned chores to help out around the house while their mom is at work still. So when she comes home she can come home to a clean house.
6. Set down and talk to the grandparents explaining what is going on and see if they would be willing to help out one or two days a week like cooking

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