Essay On Family Conflict

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Based on the family’s analysis, conflict and disengagement emerges from the client and her family dynamics. Parents and their children will continue to experience conflict when one person is unsatisfied about the other person’s behaviors or beliefs (Cichy, Lefkowitz, & Fingerman, 2013). There are certain “constructive” and “avoidant” strategies a person uses when in conflict with another individual (Cichy et al., 2013). For individuals who want to remove themselves from the discussion he or she may block the request for conversation by withdrawing (Cichy et al., 2013). In regards to families, the disengagement of parents to their children could impact the quality of relationship (Cichy et al., 2013).
Although the family may look like a strong unit, each member is ineffective when expressing their feelings with one another. The emotional boundaries between each member are too rigid. As a result, the family’s subsystems are disengaged because of the disconnection they have with one another (Birkenmaier et al., 2013, p. 245). The parents’ view on how to resolve conflict could
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244). Family norms could also be unwritten rules that were never articulated (Birkenmaier et al., 2013, p. 245). For the client and her family, one family norm is conflicts are never mentioned in a family outing. Another family norm is members of the family should be cordial and civil with one another. However if conflicts arise, the parents of the client usually disregard or dismiss the issue. When asking the client’s father about how to resolve conflict he said, “We don’t need conflict in this family, it’s not necessary,” his tone grew deeper and stricter, “Why? Is there something you want to say to me” (personal communication, October 1, 2015)? After asking the client’s father the previous question, he immediately retreated back to his room to exercise on the
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