Family And Physical Aspects Of A Defining Family

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Defining Family is a difficult task because family is defined in many ways and aspects. The family unit can be viewed in a physical aspect as well as in an emotional aspect. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, family is considered to be “Two or more people who are committed to each other and who share intimacy, resources, decision making responsibilities, and values; people who love and care for each other” (). This definition covers multiple aspects as well as the point that in a family there must be two or more people committed to each other. The family defined in the textbook for class is defined as “a group of individuals living under one roof and usually under one head” (). This shows that a family can simply be a physical aspect…show more content…
It is a group of people that is created within one home. It can be a mother, father, and children. The time spent in the home together can be the best moments together. This definition has nothing to with commitment or dedication and because of this I agree much more with the Merriam Webster Dictionary definition. It encompasses numerous more aspects of what family truly is. Family is about sharing and dedicating life to a group of people. It’s becoming one with them and understanding their life and point of view. In a family, there is a sense of unity and belonging. This definition also shows the obligations, families give to one another. They share decision making responsibilities in multiple parts of each of their lives. Each member of the family contributes decisions that will affect everyone such as where to live, what activities to do together, and what values to live by. By sharing similar values, they can fully support one another. These similar values cause each family to be more intimate with each other and typically become more intimate over time. Families also share their resources with each other, such as income, food, and the home. As income enters the family unit, it’s commonly shared and distributed as needed to the overall needs and wants of the family. This is an essential part of a family, without this sacrifice family wouldn’t…show more content…
The essential values in a family produce what the family will develop into. It defines what the family will and will not do. Finally, family love and care for each other. They support each other in their own endeavors and challenges. They create memories by working through challenges and struggles. They find deeper love and safety in the family they have. The family can be defined as a group of people who love, care, respect, support, understand, and share values and experiences
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