Fallout: New Vegas

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A misplaced shot to the head by a mysterious man in a checkered suit and a quick burial in a shallow grave kicks off the next chapter in Bethesda’s juggernaut series: Fallout: New Vegas. While New Vegas is more expansive and jam packed than any other Fallout game to date, “this game still feels like a huge, awesome expansion” (Steimer) to the game’s predecessor. The setting takes place in a massive west coast wasteland littered with gangs, death, and ravenous creatures contesting the rebuilt ruins of Las Vegas, renamed to New Vegas after the nuclear war with China, as the wastelands marvelous centerpiece. To complete all quests, missions, and adventures in the game, “expect to rack up a total of around 100 hours.” (Steimer).
Fallout: New Vegas feels like an expansion of Fallout 3 with the same controls and basic gameplay skills with a few added improvements only slightly tweaking the first person shooter (FPS) aspect of the game. V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System), which is a technology that allows the user to freeze combat and target certain locations on an enemy, was t...

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