Fairy Tales In The Brothers Grimm's Little Red Riding Hood

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When anyone thinks about a children’s fairy tale the most common ones that can come to mind is “Little Red Riding Hood”. Fairy tales convey a hidden message to children. Like how in “Little Red Riding Hood” the message is to not talk to strangers. Fairy tales have been created to help children understand things in a fun and enjoying way. Not every kid can learn and understand things the same way; it all depends on what they have been taught and exposed to in their life. There is controversy between the way these messages are conveyed to young children, like how in “Little Red Riding Hood” the story ends with Riding Hood and her grandmother being eaten by the wolf which can be frightening to children but it explains to you the bad things …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that fairy tales convey a hidden message to children, like in "little red riding hood".
  • Opines that censored fairy tales help children develop and learn more about themselves, but they teach the topic in a calm manor.
  • Analyzes how the brothers grimm fairy tales have a different approach on conveying their message. in "the golden bird", the boy is caught by other kingdoms and assigned to steal items for different kings.
  • Explains that fairy tales like "the tortoise and the hare" are effective at teaching the lessons, but you want the kids to remember them as they can help them through out there life.
  • Opines that fairy tales give a base understanding of what children can expect in their future. the brothers grimm found the balance between violence and censorship.

The stories have the same purpose to teach young kids a lesson but can be seen as abnormally dark and frightening. In “The Golden Bird” from The Complete Fairy Tales of Brothers Grimm, follows a fox who tries to show a young boy the way to help his kingdom find a golden bird. The lesson in the story quoted by Brad’s review is “If you are the “Chosen One” you can eschew all advice, screw up constantly, and still come out on top.” In all of his attempts to retrieve the golden bird that was owned by another kingdom he had been caught by the king and sentenced to death unless he was able to retrieve a golden horse. This story continues with the boy being caught by other kingdoms and assigned to other tasks to steal items for the different kings. The boy still receives help from the fox even if he did not heed the fox’s advice, but simply because he was the one that was chosen to complete the task he does not need to listen to the advice of the fox since his fate is already chosen. In the end of the story the fox requests the boy to end its life, and when the boy kills the fox it transforms into a prince that was said to be lost long …show more content…

It does not matter what the fairy tale is based off of just as long as there is a balance between reality, and fantasy. When this balance is found you will be able to successfully teach kids the things that they can expect to encounter in their life. There is no problem with giving a child a little scare some people may say that you can learn more from fear because you will have a constant reminder of what can happen that could change everything. The Brothers Grimm is one of the few fairy tale writers to me that found the balance between violence and censorship. He has been able to show children the violence of reality and still be able to teach them valuable lessons that they can use in their

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