How Is Fairy Tales Relevant Today

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Are the moral messages suggested in Fairy Tales still relevant in today’s world? And how did Fairy Tales shape our world? Once upon a time, in a land far away a student started writing his Major Essay. Cliché’s aside, this is probably the most recognised introduction to writing in existence. Passed down through philosophers, bards, story tellers and authors Fairy Tales transcend culture, politics, language and even time periods. Arguably, every single person on the planet has heard one. Whether it be the Ancient Roman version of Cinderella, Cupid and Psyche passed down through modern Greece, heard all the way to Turkey or the African version of Snow White, Udea and her seven brothers commonly recited all through the African states. With these stories, or a version of these stories being so common in society it is a reasonable question to ask, if the morals and messages contained are still relevant in today’s world? Sally Goddard Blythe a child development expert suggests they are crucial for a child’s development in her book “The Genius of Natural Children” she outlines her belief that “The greatest threats to our future isn’t in disease or illnesses, but in learning and social problems which are a direct consequence of modern living conditions, lifestyle and ignorance of children’s biological needs perpetuated by a culture of political correctness.” Goddard, S. (2011) In other words, our children aren’t being exposed to culture, to literacy in the same way. Instead of reading them Fairy Tales, instead of culturally diverse nursery folk songs they are being put in front of TV’s that regurgitate an endless cycle of Sesame Street clones. A poor substitute for parents. Children need this exposure to grow up to be healthy well-adju... ... middle of paper ... ...s, J (1988) a scary thought considering that most of us believe that these Fairy Tales are wholesome moral messages crucial for a child’s development. Which brings me to my next point. Have Fairy Tales been bastardised too much? If we consider the fact, that many of the stories have been heavily edited, do we lose the original moral messages? Or is the original moral message still inside the story if you look? It raises an interesting point, that racism and sexism is still freely available to be seen in the Grimm’s Brothers work if you actively look for it. Snow White is a perfect example, with the Dwarves being seen as sub human servants. Or the wolf being a sexual predator in Red Riding Hood. 5 – 400 – How fairy tales and young adult novels interact Conclusion – 300 At least 3 specific authors to talk about. 3 novels that are relevant 3 specific fairy tales.
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