Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Alexander Banks 5/16/14

Fahrenheit 451

In Federalist 10 James Madison argued that while factions are inevitable, they might have interests adverse to the rights of other citizens. Madison’s solution was the implementation of a Democratic form of government. He felt that majority rule would not eliminate factions, but it would not allow them to be as powerful as they were. With majority rule this would force all parties affiliate and all social classes from the rich white to the poor minorities to work together and for everyone’s opinion and views to be heard.
The Republican form of government that was fashioned by the Constitution would allow these factions too remain on top and stay powerful. These factions would pass laws that were unfair, influence the workings of government by keeping their members in office, and not worry about how their decisions affect the minority. With majority rule minority groups would be protected because factions would have to negotiate with them in the process of government. Overall, with majority rule this means that many factions would not be able to take sole control over the government.
In Fahrenheit 451, the regime seeks many ways to deal with factions and factional discord. The regime uses censorship on books and learning. In the novel, the society has banned all books and if one is caught with them or attempts to read it they will then be killed and the books will be burned. Knowledge is frowned upon and most don’t feel it is good to read. Television and technology is looked more upon in Fahrenheit 451. It is there to replace literalism, intelligence, and feelings. Emotion was something in society that was not made conscious. The only individual who evoked emotion and ...

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...n abundant amount of goods and never depriving their own. In a way, it is similar to my definition in certain aspects because these values that Jefferson believed in are the foundation to pursuing your true happiness.
In Fahrenheit 451, the residents were not happy in the society they were confined to. The government there made them believe they were happy because they had no sense of feelings and if they did they would have been killed, sent to the psychiatrist who would then prescribe them pills, and just thought of as a threat. Intellectual was deemed as a curse word in the Fahrenheit society because they were afraid of their citizens opposing the laws and regulation of society. From that you can see what type of society the people were living in. In general, the residents of Fahrenheit 451 were not happy at all and were the victims of media and entertainment.
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