Factors That Have Influenced The Modern Art Movement

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Viollet-le-Duc became a

very important figure and through his designs and theories iron became associated with the

reform of the decorative arts and his influence can probably be most clearly seen in some of

the architecture of the Art Nouveau movement.

The main principles Viollet bestowed on the

Art Nouveau movement were the spatial organization of the building according to function

rather than rules of symmetry and proportion, the importance of materials as a generator for

form and also the concept of an organic form.12

These ideals of form following function are

not only important to the Art Nouveau movement but also to the Modern Movement as well,

demonstrated in the work of Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Mies van der Rohe and others.

Art Nouveau was eventually disregarded due to its ideals not being entirely realistic. As with

the Arts and Crafts movement the paradox of ‘hand made crafts for all’ was not attainable as

without the use of mass production the items became expensive and could only be afforded

by the wealthy.

It was also believed that Art Nouveau was not entirely functional. Such

decadence and decoration began to grate on the senses, creating the feeling that furniture

and ornamentation were intruding on the room.

Curved walls meant buildings became

unusable for furniture and balcony railings which stabbed you are just two examples of the

impracticalities of the style. The style began to develop and a key figure in the link between

Art Nouveau and the Modern Movement is Adolf Loos.

Despite belonging to the same

generation as the main figures of the Art Noveau and Jugendstil movements, Loos reacted

strongly against their attempt to replace Beaux-Arts eclect...

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... range of buildings, for less money in

a quicker time. Technology and new materials helped architects to build with ever-increasing

speed but the results were just as often dire as they were beneficial.14

There is no doubt that

figures such as Viollet-le-Duc and William Morris had a major impact on how the Modern

Movement developed but I would argue that their influence was mainly to start changing the

way people think, new technologies allowed the new ideas to be tested but it is all the factors

fused together that ultimately led to how the Modern Movement developed.

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