Factors Leading to the Endangerment of Animals

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Animals can become endangered for many different reasons, Scientists and Researchers believes that the Habitat loss is the main cause. Pollution, overhunting and overfishing can also affect the population. In other words, the human activities are the biggest problems. Food chain and diseases disruption are involved in this issue, however, many different kind of issues can put the life of the creatures at risk. Due to human expansions, many animals are on their way to extinction, it’s our job as human to protect these species from extinction.

Some animals become endangered when human take over their habitats, which usually happens when a group of people want to have more resources in a specific area. Deforestation in the amazon rainforest, for example cutting the trees to make a good quality housing stuffs and constructions, or making papers. This will cause many species to leave those areas and reduce the population. It’s known that these materials are important for living and farming but people should not over extend their farms or resource areas.

In some countries people are working to restore what have been done to the plants, they are trying to restore because when the plants are available this can help some species to stay in the same place and not to travel away. “In many places where plant and animal habitats have been destroyed, people are working to restore or recreate what has been lost.” Franklin Watts Australia, Saving Wildlife 2004. In Scotland planting trees helped to restore the country’s wildlife.

In some places, loss of habitats happens naturally, such as with flooding lands of time or forest fires. These cases happens without prediction but people can work to reduce the affect or help to rebuild for...

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...ons not even the human, some causes can happen naturally, however if the human work together can help to protect animals from dying with simple ways. If u have a garden in your home you can let some animals to live in your garden and that will help some species from dying. People should understand how important is the wildlife to us and what are the benefits. Although as Mr. César Chávez said “We need, in a special way, to work twice as hard to help people understand that the animals are fellow creatures, that we must protect them and love them as we love ourselves.”

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