Endangered Species: Cause And Effects Of Endangered Species

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1.0 Introduction
Endangered species, because of the species ' own cause or the extinction of wild species subjected to human activities or natural disasters in the near future, the probability of a high species extinction key species may disrupt the local food chain, cause damage to ecosystems, and may eventually lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem.
2.0 Causes
Species themselves:Species specificity and genetic failure are often the intrinsic causes of endangered species and even extinction. Some species of wildlife have adapted to a particular habitat for a long period of evolution, creating special habits (including feeding habits) that make it difficult to adapt to a changing environment or other environment and end up with an "unfit
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Forests and grasslands are one of the most important habitats for wildlife, especially mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Deforestation and the subsequent reclamation and grassland overgrazing, both occupy the natural habitat of wild animals, and the wild animals artificially divided into many small island-like species, making their survival and reproduction is greatly affected. From and occupancy are the main causes of waterfowl, amphibians and reptiles, as well as the endangered species. Wetlands, lakes and coastal beaches have been heavily exploited for industrial and agricultural use, depriving animals that depend on them of habitats and breeding sites and are endangered. such as the Chinese alligator, on the earth has lived for hundreds of millions of years, due to habitat loss, the wild population is dying out, the relevant departments intend to use artificial reproduction of the individual to introduce the project, but suffer from the wild and have to wait for the Chinese alligator…show more content…
3.0 Effects
Every species plays a role in the natural balance. Once an animal or plant is destroyed, it will probably lead to the imbalance of the ecosystem, which will cause serious damage to the environment and ecosystem. The protection of endangered animal is not only generally keep the animal species, more important is how to protect the endangered animal survival and reproduction, it is related to the long-term preservation of the renewable resources of wild animal wealth, sustainable utilization of normal ecosystem maintenance and all kinds of material was passed, for the benefit of human beings and our descendants.
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