Extending the Life of Ageing Offshore Pipelines

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There are so many technologies currently employed in the oil and gas industry to ensure that the probabilities of failure of ageing subsea hydrocarbon pipelines are reduced to the lowest levels. In this study, I shall be looking at the following set of new technologies: 1. Computerized Maintenance Management Systems 2. Risk Based Inspection Strategy 3. Inspection Techniques and Equipment A. Inline Inspection Technology B. ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Inspection Technology C. AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) Inspection Technology D. Riser Inspection Tool System 1. COMPUTERIZED MAINTENANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (CMMS) Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are software packages which are used as databases to store information about a company’s maintenance operations. They are widely used in the oil and gas industry as preventative maintenance databases for planning work including inspections and repairs, etc. They are also used to store maintenance data such as inspection reports, workpacks, drawings, design data, fabrication data, and general information about an asset (in this case a pipeline system). They can also be used for keeping track of all maintenance equipment including spares. CMMS are either internet–based or hosted by the selling company or intra-net based. Most CMMS use work order numbers (WON) which are typically assigned to maintenance activities. Pipeline systems inspections and repairs are typically tracked using WONs. Attached to each WON are all relevant information regarding the WON such as drawings, workpacks, reports, etc. and recommendation for future work. Typical examples of CMMS include Maximo, ACET, SAP, COABIS, etc. 2. RISK BASED INSPECTION STRATEGY This methodology involves the applicati... ... middle of paper ... ... of carrying out external inspection of the splash zone while simultaneously conducting both above and under water inspection. Works Cited Paul, A., Phil, H., Andrew, C. (2001). Extending the Life of Ageing Offshore Pipelines. Penspen UK. A presentation to Offshore Pipeline Technology, Conference, USA, 2001. BP International PLC. (2013). Inspection and Integrity Assessment of Pipeline Systems (Document No.: GP 43-52). An unpublished guidance document for BP PLC. Rolf, S. (no date). Inspection of non scrapable pipelines. Oceaneering Pipetech AS – Norway Oceaneering Asset Integrity. (no date). Managing Integrity of Pipelines in Splash Zone. Oceaneering International Sevices. Oceaneering.com/asset-integrity (assessed on 03/12/2013). Talisman Energy. (2008). Risk Based Inspection Methodology. Unpublished Guidance Document for Talisman Energy UK Limited.

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