Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services

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Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) means systematic caring, inspecting, and servicing of military equipment to keep it in good condition and to prevent breakdowns. The operator of the vehicle mission is to be sure to perform PMCS each time he/she operate the vehicle. Always do the PMCS in the same order, so it gets to be a habit. Once you've had some practice, you will quickly spot anything wrong. There are three types of Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services (PMCS) that the military performs on their vehicles; they are, before, during, and after checks. These checks are annotated on DA form 5988-E, which is the Equipment Maintenance and Inspection worksheet. If anything looks wrong and you cannot fix it, write it on the DA form 5988-E and immediately report it to unit maintenance. Begin With the Before PMCS *Note* If leakage is detected, further investigation is needed to determine the location and cause of the leak. If a leakage is determine, this will make the vehicle not fully mission capable and the vehicle will be called deadline and will not be able the complete the mission. If any tires are missing or are unserviceable, this also makes the vehicle deadline. 1. Look under vehicle for obvious fluid leaks such as oil, fuel, and fuel, and water. 2. Check windshield for any cracks that would impair vision. Check wiper arms and blades for damage. 3. Visually check outside front, underneath, and right side of vehicle for fuel or oil leaks. Visually checks right side of vehicle ... ... middle of paper ... ...uctions with compressed air. Check for cracking, fraying, obvious looseness, and breaks on alternator fan and power steering pump drive belts or serpentine drive belt. Check water pump for any obvious coolant leakage or damage. Check pulleys for cracks and damage. 3. Allow engine to idle. Shift transmission to neutral and apply parking brake. Withdraw dipstick slowly to prevent a false reading. If transmission oil temperature gauge reads 180F or below, level on dipstick dipstick should show between marks designated for normal run. 4. Check oil filter for obvious signs of leakage. Check fluid lines of power steering assist cylinder for damage. In closing, before, during, and after PMCS will keep military equipment in very good condition and will help stop vehicle breakdowns so our mission can be accomplished without worry of brake downs.

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