Exploring Trust-Based Service Value Chain Framework in Tele-healthcare Services

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1. What is the research question? Why is this research question important?

The research topic is Exploring the Trust-Based Service Value Chain Framework in Tele-healthcare Services. This research topic is important because the Tele-heatlhcare services which extending healthcare services from medical perspective of treatment and diagnosis to enhance holistic wellness of individuals, have been widely recognized by healthcare providers and also Tele-healthcare service has been the promise for the evolution of healthcare industry by improving healthcare accessibility, increasing care quality, and controlling healthcare costs . It largely contributes to the home care, people self-management and provides connectivity between patients and their hospitals.

2. What is the author’s conceptual model of the phenomenon? Describe the conceptual model in writing, and also provide a sketch of the key conceptual relationships.

The author's conceptual model of phenomenon can be described as the tele-healthcare business model can be classified to

-VHA of US

-Integrated provider-based health plans

-Home-care agency

-Hospital-based delivery system

These all models have different benefits which are discussed below

VHA of US-

Reduce ED (Emergence Department) visits

_ Hospitalizations

_ Reduce final pressure for patients (shift

long-term care bed days in care to outpatient

clinics or into the home)

Integrated provider-based health plans

_ Reduce ED visits

_ Hospitalizations

_ Cost saving for service provider

Home-care agency

_ Cost-effective in human resources leverage

Hospital-based delivery system

_ Care model transit from hospital to home

(depends on the hospital scale and resources)

_ Help long-term ca...

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...he model or measured. Technology structural assurance and situational normality trust factors only served in provider side, and did not generalize to other kinds of trust. A more complete, specific set of external determinants could explain more variance in trust and provide more insight to the implementation of tele-healthcare services.

7. Any other comments on the methodology in the article you have chosen?

I thought that they should discuss the reciprocal relationship, which could exist between a truster and his/her trustee after a long-term established relationship. Subjective norm may subsume some culture issues, such as the concern of privacy and I also hope that there should be researchers that would examine this underexplored area in the lens of service science principles to strengthen the theories of value co-creation in service sustainability
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