Explain how Christians might put their beleifs about abortion into action

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Explain how Christians might put their beleifs about abortion into action. Many Christians beleive that it is their duty to be a stweard of the Earth and all its inhabitants as taught by the Bible. They also beleive that an unborn child falls into this catagory, because of this many Christians turn their faith into action by joining a pro-life organisation. However, there are also Christians who are pro-choice, meaning they beleive that the pregnant women should have the right to decide whether she wants a child or not. To take action for their beleifs a pro-life Christians could do many things or join many different organisations, or they could just be open about their view in disscussions. The main organisations against abortion are Life and SPUC (the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children), these organisations are both very openly against abortion and beleive they are life saving organisations. SPUC feels that ‘Abortion denies the most basic of human rights--the right to life--which is justly due to each member of the human family’ This shows how they feel that abprtion is know different from executions and murder, from this it is easy to see why many pro-life Christians join such organisations. They could also go on marches to demonstrate their beleifs in a large group and try and get their government to change its policies. A Christian’s beleifs could also affect they way they vote, instead of voting for who they usually do they could look out for candidates who anti-abortion. This in turn could bring about the end of such easily obtainable abortions. They could also stop unwanted pregnancies before they occure by organising and giving proper sex-education talks to young people in a church, youth center or school. They could offer alternatives to abortion by becoming baby-sitters or even foster-carers to a lesser extent, this would mean that if the parent wanted to abort the baby because she felt that she wouldnt have time, the Christian could help her to raise the child.
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