Christians' Response to Abortion

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Christians' Response to Abortion Contraception: A means of stopping conception (pregnancy) taking place by chemical or mechanical means. Abortion: Stopping the development of a foetus by chemical or mechanical means. There are many viewpoints on contraception from the different Christian churches. Most couples in today’s times feel they have the need to control the amount of children they have. The Roman Church teaches that sexual intercourse should only been done if it’s in the means of conception. There is much controversy over these views especially in places where there is overpopulation. "It is right and proper for parents to regulate the number of children that they have and the spaces between the children, but not be means that which artificially make it impossible for sexual intercourse to result in conception (pregnancy)." [Catholic Truth Society] In recent years, there has been many debates concerning the fact of abortions - whether they should be illegal or not. A Christian point of view is that they believe that the world is created by God. Therefore all beings in the world come from God in one form or another. Human beings have a responsibility to care for all life, for everything in the world. The Church of England and most of the Protestant churches agree with the Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches in principle but they agree that each case is special. Therefore while abortion is generally not accepted, it may be permitted in certain cases: Ÿ If there is a serious risk to the mother's life. Ÿ If conception takes place as a result of rape. Ÿ If there is a grave risk that the baby will be born handicapped The Methodist church regards abortion as basically wrong but there are certain circumstances where an abortion should be considered, these are: 1. Where the life or health of the mother are threatened. 2. If the baby is to be severely abnormal. 3. The environment where the baby is to be raised is very poor - to take
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